Just a few hedgerows away, our neighbours in Somerset are famous for their cider. But around 100 years ago cider was a real currency in Dorset, with Gillingham being home to a thriving community of apple growers.

At Copse House Cider, we’re bringing this heritage home by reviving over 300 acres of farmland on Kine Bush Farm in Sandley, giving rise to orchards that yield some of the counties' finest apples and pears. We’re incredibly proud to be opening up the hidden nature of Dorset cider once again, encouraging others to follow. 

To symbolise this cider renaissance, our unique key icon invites you to discover the fruits of our labour. Have you found the hidden apples in our tree? This is the key to Copse House, where our passion for cider making lives. 

This is the key to beautiful Dorset cider.